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Maintenance services
Highly efficient operation of equipment comes from our professional maintenance services.
We will provide you with professional maintenance services to guarantee that pumps can maintain stable operation for a long time. After-sales service department will provide long-term and professional maintenance services according to the operation needs of pump, prevent pump from occurrence of failure and minimize the losses caused by pump failure, regardless of warranty period of pumps.
We may establish long-term maintenance cooperation relation with you. Our after-sales service hotline is available for you 24 hours a day. If you have entered into after-sales maintenance agreement with us, we will provide more preferential maintenance services to guarantee that your pump system operates at lowest cost efficiently.
Our pump maintenance engineers, who have accepted professional training, can provide you with installation, commissioning, regular inspection, fault diagnosis, troubleshooting, fault repair and fault prevention advices on pump, electrical control and pump system as well as project upgrading and transformation and other professional services.