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Service Commitment
Service specifications
Service personnel shall serve users kindly according to standards.
Service personnel shall not dispute with users.
Commitment for spare parts
1、Within the warranty period, we will provide spare parts free of charge.
2、After the warranty period, we will provide spare pares at cost price for
      a long time.
Pre-sales technical services
1、We will appoint professional technicians to understand the specific situations of project on site, assist users in model selection, make project budget and compare energy conservation indicators.
2、We will assist users in examining and verifying pump house and equipment installation drawings and giving constructive advices for users' reference.
3、Provide professional design for non-standard specifications free of charge or conduct design based on the parameters provided by users.
Technical services during the sales
1、We will send professional personnel to assist users in confirming pump house, pipeline route and equipment installation position at the construction site of users within two business days after contract is signed.
2、We will provide equipment foundation dimension and installation dimension drawings free of charge.
3、We will inform users of preparing the unloading tools and site within three business days prior to shipment.
4、We will guide installation, commissioning and the "Responsible for the Wiring Work of Control System" operation training of users' site management free of charge.
After-sales services
1、Warranty period of all equipment will be 12 months from the date of installation and commissioning. For all product manufacturing quality problems caused by all non-user factors within the warranty period, we will render services free of charge in time.
2、We will send professional technical service personnel to conduct inspection at users’ site once a month from the date when equipment is put into use. We will provide maintenance services free of charge within the warranty period and once two years upon expiry of the warranty period.
3、After we receive repair request from users by phone (fax), we will reach the site within two hours if user is located in the urban area and within four hours if user is located in the suburbs. We will solve ordinary fault on the day and solve special fault within one week.
4、After products are put into operation formally, we will provide users with whole process track services forever, visit users on a regular basis and collect feedback information and opinions.